Generative AI-SynBio for Blue-Green-Infrastructures

FIU-Carbon-Positive Research Design Studio

The Blue-Green-Infrastructures research project, conducted by the FIU-Carbon-Positive Research Design Studio, aims to contribute to the creation of climate-resilient urban environments. This project is part of a larger initiative called Climate Resilient Urban Nexus CHoices (CRUNCH), which involves an international consortium of project partners and cities. CRUNCH focuses on addressing the food, water, and energy sectors through an integrative FWE-Nexus approach, and aims to support local decision-makers, policymakers, practitioners, and civil society organizations by translating research evidence on the FWE-Nexus into the design of Urban Living Labs (ULL).
The Miami proposal for the Blue-Green-Infrastructures research project aims to develop a carbon-neutral, data-driven planning and scenario tool for integrated decision-making using the ULL approach. This involves identifying a data and mapping baseline for the city’s needs, developing the tool and framework, and testing and analyzing the data-driven models using different carbon-neutral and resilient scenarios from now to 2100.
To achieve this goal, the research employs generative AI-SynBio methods and works across scales and policy questions. By utilizing urban planning and design methods, the research focuses on working with communities and municipalities across four cities to enable the conceptualization and visualization of ULL focused on FEW-Nexus projects. The research aims to bring together design development, implementation, and assessment of ULLs within the creation of the support tool and assessment framework. Overall, the Blue-Green-Infrastructures project aims to contribute to the creation of sustainable and climate-resilient urban environments.

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