Prof. Spiegelhalter Explores Cutting-Edge Sustainability at Building Future Lab in Reggio Calabria

2024-06-17T23:30:23+00:00June 7th, 2024|Categories: Innovation in Architecture, Resilience, Sustainability|

Prof. Spiegelhalter had an amazing tour of the Building Future Lab (BFL) at Università Università degli Studi 'Mediterranea'​ di Reggio Calabria today with Prof. Martino Milardi (Director) and Prof. Corrado Trombetta (Founder) on May 22, 2024! Here's what makes the BFL unique: State-of-the-art Testing and Experimentation Chamber: The BFL boasts one of the world's largest testing chambers, allowing researchers to evaluate full-scale building envelope elements under simulated environmental conditions; Focus on Sustainability, Resilience: The lab prioritizes testing for factors like seismic activity, wind resistance, and energy efficiency, ensuring buildings are not only functional but also sustainable and resilient; From Design to Certification: The BFL supports the entire design process, from prototyping and testing new construction systems to certification according to international standards helping architects, engineers, and construction companies build the future – sustainable, resilient, and high-performing buildings!