11 01, 2022

Synthetic Biology for Carbon-Positive Architecture

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"Synthetic Biology for Carbon-Positive Architecture". Panel Discussion on September 9, 2021, Venice Biennale Italian Pavillion. Moderator: Thomas Spiegelhalter (Florida International University, Miami Architecture - Resilience). Panelist: Andrew Hessel (Chairman, Genome Project-Write), Mitchell Joachim (Founder, Terreform One / Professor, NYU), Rachel Armstrong (Living Systems Professor of Experimental Architecture, Newcastle University) Youtube Link

12 02, 2019

The Tiny Swiss Company That Thinks It Can Help Stop Climate Change

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Read about how a small Swiss company called Climeworks is working on commercial products to remove carbon dioxide from the atomosphere.  Climeworks captures CO2 from air with the world’s first commercial carbon removal technology. Their direct air capture plants remove CO2 from the atmosphere to supply to customers to unlock a negative emissions future. Climeworks was founded by engineers Christoph Gebald and Jan Wurzbacher, who decided to build a company together on the day they met at university in 2003. Direct air capture is a disruptive approach for mitigating the increasing CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. Industrialising direct air capture technology in turn requires disruptive engineering approaches. New York Times Magazine's Jon Gertner writes about the company in this week's magazine. Read about Climeworks in the New York Times Visit Climeworks Website

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