5 01, 2019

As Seas Continue To Rise New Jersey Buys Residents Out Of Flood Zones

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Sea levels will rise between one and four feet by the end of the century. That’s according to the National Climate Assessment released in 2018. That rise — along with damage caused by an increased number of storms and hurricanes — could be catastrophic for people living in flood prone areas — nearly 41 million Americans, by one estimate. In New Jersey – close to 700,000 people live in a flood zone. Now the stateis  involved in trying to move some of those people out of harm’s way with a state-run program called “Blue Acres”. Hundreds of thousands of New Jersey residents live in flood zones that can become inundated with storm water. But the state is trying to move some of them out of harm's way in one of the biggest home buyout programs in the nation. PBS NewsHour Weekend's Ivette Feliciano reports. This story is part of PBS's [...]

1 01, 2019

Miami’s First Rules On Sea Level Rise Target Raised Structures

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The City of Miami is pursuing changes to the Miami 21 zoning code to address sea level rise, and the proposed legislation is gaining support. City officials’ first attempt at new rules with climate change and sustainability in mind include a proposal to allow new construction and redevelopment to raise habitable structures out of the flood plain with added “freeboard,” up to 5 feet above the Base Flood Elevation. “This is our first foray into resilience in the zoning code,” said Ryan Shedd, who works in the planning department for the city. He was detailing the legislation to the Miami River Commission’s Urban Infill and Greenways Subcommittee at a meeting Dec. 12. Story by John Charles Robbins on Miami Today Read More On Miami Today News

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