Floating Houses – Arkup Leads The Way With Sustainable Floating Homes In Miami

2019-03-25T21:19:45+00:00March 25th, 2019|Categories: Case Studies|

The CRUNCH Miami research team and a group of graduate architectuire students from FIU's School of Architecture toured the first floating house from Arkup and met with co-founder Nicolas Derouin on Star Island in Miami Beach. The sustainable floating house produces its own energy and harvests its own water. This first built example of the Arkup concept features a luxury home for a single family. However, Nicolas has plans to repurpose the modular house to be multi-family and imagines the house as part of floating communities. The structure and anchoring system are designed to resist high winds and hurricane force winds (up to 156 mph | 250 km/h – Category 4.) The vessel can be completely lifted out of the water to safe guard from storm surge. Hurricanes are predictable storm events allowing enough time for owners to sail to a safe harbor or a protected area. [...]