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In a remarkable display of innovation and research, the “BIOCALIBRATED: TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES FOR BIODESIGN PRACTICES SYMPOSIUM” at Central Saint Martins – University of the Arts London, has been a hub of groundbreaking ideas and discussions. The two-day event, running from November 30th to December 1st, 2023, brought together leading minds in the field of biodesign.
One of the highlights of the symposium was a research presentation on “SynBio-calibrated Carbon-Positive-Building Infra-Design Research”. This insightful session offered a deep dive into the potential of biodesign in transforming our infrastructure in environmentally positive ways.
The symposium also featured a stimulating panel discussion in Session 7, titled “REGENERATIVE SYSTEMS AND CIRCULAR MATERIALITY”. This session was moderated by Alice Taylor, a renowned Lecturer in Biology and Living Systems. The panel included illustrious speakers like Pragati Vasant from IAAC, Ricardo Luque, Marcos Cruz, Sherru Aine, and Lola Ben-Alon from Columbia GSAPP. Their collective expertise in various facets of biodesign provided a comprehensive view of the potential of regenerative systems and circular materiality in contemporary design practices.
In addition to these academic discussions, the symposium also showcased graduate projects from the FIU Design Studio, highlighting the practical applications of the theories and techniques discussed. These projects exemplified the innovative spirit of the next generation of designers and researchers.