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In a recent research workshop event hosted at the architecturally striking Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC) of Keio University, Principal Prof. Spiegelhalter had the privilege of engaging with brilliant Ph.D. and graduate students, guided by Professor Wanglin Yan. Professor Yan serves as the Director of the Research Center for Climate Change Adaptation within Keio University’s Faculty of Environmental Information Studies and is also at the helm of the EcoGIS Lab, a hub of innovation.
During this event, in Spiegelhalter’s  capacity as a Global Visiting Professor at Keio Universitaet, he had the opportunity to share insights from my extensive three-decade journey. The focus of my presentation was “Envisioning Carbon-Positive Masterplans: Green-Blue Infrastructures and Adaptive Building Scenarios from 2018-2100,” with a specific emphasis on regions spanning Europe, Africa, and the United States.
In addition to his presentation, Spiegelhalter’s esteemed colleague, Takeru Shibayama from TU Vienna (Austria), brought forth valuable insights into “Goal-oriented Mobility Planning for Sustainable Urban Mobility (SUMP),” enriching our discussions with a broad spectrum of research projects.
A highlight of the day was delving into Shun Nakayama’s impressive thesis, which revolves around an AI-ML-assisted interactive online Food-Water-Energy Nexus (FEW) app and platform designed for a Tokyo metropolitan district—an innovation that holds great promise for a brighter future.
The workshop concluded with a visit to the Smart City Fujisawa project, a testament to sustainability, urban planning, and technology. This endeavor is a result of collaboration between the Japanese technology company Panasonic and various partners.
Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our journey towards a more carbon-positive and smarter future! 🌱🏙️ #CarbonPositive #UrbanMobility #ResearchWorkshop #Sustainability #Innovation #KeioUniversity #AI #MachineLearning #FoodWaterEnergyNexus #GISMapping #ClimateChangeAdaptation #SmartCities #GreenInfrastructure #EnvironmentalDesign #Resilience #SustainableGovernance #MobilitySolutions #DigitalInnovation