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Final Month for ‘Time-Existence-Space’ Exhibition at Venice 2023 Architecture Biennial This is the last chance to visit the ‘Time-Existence-Space’ exhibition at the Venice 2023 Architecture Biennial. The event showcases generative design research and features global contributions. The exhibition includes completed and ongoing projects, proposals, and utopian architectural ideas. It offers a diverse array of works, including conceptual pieces, models, photographs, videos, sculptures, and site-specific installations. The exhibition encourages visitors to reconsider the relationship with space and time, proposing new living methodologies and architectural perspectives.
Acknowledgment is due to Lorenzo Basadonna Scarpa, Giovanna D’Albertis, Carlotta Bondesan, and Paola Pepa for their significant assistance in transporting and setting up the exhibition. Their efforts in navigating customs for the 3D models and repairing exhibition pieces for the opening in May 2023 have been instrumental.